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They say that travel has a way of opening your eyes to a world unknown. My first trip to Bali in 2015 did exactly that. My husband, Ryan, invited me to explore all things tropical and surf, but what we discovered there would change our lives forever. Yes, the surf was killer — but the fresh and organic edible art that we woke up to every morning quickly became the highlight of our trip. The smoothie bowls blew our minds. How could something be so wholesome and beautiful at the same time?! Beyond the sheer taste factor, we quickly realised the high vibe feeling of pureness and sustainable energy we were experiencing was from more than Bali’s stunning landscape. We were rejuvenated by the food!

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Arriving back in Cape Town, I felt what I’m sure most people experience after returning home from paradise... something was missing. I woke up one morning craving one of those visually stunning breakfast bowls — I needed my superfood. But, it was nowhere to be found... No Açaí, no coconut flesh, no dragonfruit. But even more depressing... no smoothie bowls! How could we possibly be depriving ourselves of this goodness? So, I decided to start making smoothie bowls at home with recipes from Bali. It was hardly the same, but I kept at it for the next 2 years. My yoga students, wellness clients, friends and family slowly began to understand this bowl-based lifestyle.


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In June 2017, during a family trip to Greece, we arrived at my parent’s home in Athens and there in the kitchen freezer, my mom had neatly packed away a few samples of frozen ‘fruit packs’ from our Greek family friend. He was running an Australian Brand in Athens called Amazonia.

I couldn’t believe it! Pure Brazilian Açaí - there in our freezer! It found its way to us, and we did what anyone who can see the serendipity of this moment would do — we invested immediately and brought it home to South Africa!

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For us, MyRainbowl.com is our way of sharing our desire to live a natural, light state of being. We are proud to bring organic superfood options to South Africa which represent us as individuals, as a couple, as a family, and as a team. We are so honoured to be part of a global movement that respects the traditions of Brazil while maintaining the high-quality we’ve come to cherish as consumers — certified organic, sustainable, ethically sourced, and invested in local communities.

MyRainbowl.com brings you Acai, direct from Brazil. We also feature a range of amazing local companies and products which share our values, and get you one step closer to that #shinebrighter feeling.  

From the most suitable blenders and sustainable coconut bowls to the number one frozen superfood, our platform has all the major products you need to kick-start your #sustainaBOWL lifestyle, from scratch!

We are here to support you and wish you a BERRY happy journey into a radiant state of being!

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